Project & Installation

We include in our range of services the custom design, project and installation of water treatment systems, concentrates preparation and distribution systems for haemodialysis and other health care needs.





The maintenance system is based on a concerted action of the entire team, with experts in prevention scheme to ensure appropriate diagnosis and resolution of the problem.





Water & Fluids Quality Management

We present "turnkey" solutions, ensuring that the production and distribution of water and fluids comply with both applicable technical and normative requirements.

Within the context of fluids quality management we provide the following activities:



We provide expert technical advice in the areas of design, 
installation and/or remodeling, maintenance and quality control.


Validation Procedures

We provide validation services of water and fluids treatment systems including the Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) steps.

Our validation process, subject to frequent external audits, has been successfully implemented in our network of dialysis clinics, as well as in external customers.



Key Performance Indicators

Within the scope of our management system we develop key performance indicators of our service activities that include, among others, the effectiveness of technical interventions.

We develop key performance indicators for devices and treatment systems, that are frequently monitored in order to perform statistical analysis and establish performance trends.


Consultancy & Trainning

We provide expert technical consultancy in the areas of design, installation, refurbishment, maintenance and quality control of water and fluids systems. We also provide specific training packages covering the routine activities that are developed by the health care units (e.g. daily monitoring of the water treatment system).

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