October 26, 2015

“Water and Dialysis Fluid: a quality management guide” - Published and printed in September 2015

Quality of water for dialysis has become a central issue for safety and “Good Dialysis Practice”. When considering clinical sequelae and related patient well-being, “water quality” is to date considered a topic with a similar level of importance like blood compatibility of the extracorporeal dialysis circuit.


Further, dialytic therapies, such as haemodiafiltration (HDF) or HighVolumeHDF, have become popular due to their improved performance followed by a better patient survival. This treatment modality needs large volumes of substitution fluids that of course, have to be prepared from water of appropriate quality level (dialysis water).

Answers to questions such as “How to prepare ultrapure fluids for dialysis?” and “How to perform a system validation?” or “How to set standards for the monitoring of water purity?” are given in this recently released publication.

The approach suggested by the authors in this textbook considers all steps of the “water purification cascade”.


The result is a comprehensive handbook with state-of-the-art knowledge, clinical operational insight gained from Fresenius’s 3.000 plus clinics and recommendations for day-to-day clinical practice.



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